Welcome in my Little Milk Glass World !

This is my little world, my collector's dream.

I just love Milkglass, even if they are not all vintage. The white mixed with the blue. I have been having a lot of fun going around yard sales, flea markets... I used to follow my parents as a kid, all over the city, and as an early bird to get the best of it!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

One last Milk Glass

Something fun first to share with you:
I have purchased a few weeks ago from Vonlipi's
the Orange Federal Circus bowl !  One more to go as
I am missing the Red one!  Thank you so much. 

She spend more one shipping that the actual cost.
It just happened to me too, I don't charge enough.
No fun there!

Here is my latest find for Milk Glass from a yard sales in September.

And for the not so fun news: 
I am writing my last post for my Passion of Milkglass, collecting.
The adventure was a lot of fun and getting to know and make friends was the best!
But time for me to move on and so I am keeping my blog open and comments also.
Maybe one day you will find me writing about something else... who knows?
Thank you everyone for being
there for me in the good and the bad times.
I will still visit your blogs and leave a trace. 
Take care!


Friday, 7 September 2012

Where's Milk Glass?

Is it September already?  Where was I?
Vacations... Didn't do much but we took some
nice country road's drives.  Especially on week-ends
looking for yard sales.  I have seen quit of few Milk Glass
but I had decided not to purchase any doubles.
Maybe I should have bought them for my Etsy...
But I decided otherwise.

So do you remember the books " Where's Waldo? "
Let's have fun and try to find the Milk Glass piece!
It's only in one of these picture.


We stopped by this place and I was thinking of
the shows: "Canadian Pickers and American Pickers".
They would have had fun searching for treasures
from the past.  My kids had fun discovering stuffs
that disappeared in today's everyday life.

The Milk Glass was left behind. 
No money, no candy for me!

Have a nice week-end!


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pyrex or Tupperware.....Still Milk Glass!

I have been having so much fun with so little lately!
Enjoying every moment of every simple things in life.
Like chasing butterflies with my daughter, looking at
the shooting stars with my two sons!

Even the yard sales that we encountered on the
vacations road trips are just full of surprise!
I did not spend too much, just a few things.
I even left behind some very nice goodies and
Milk Glass behind because I tried to be good!

But this is some fun things that I know they are
very popular these days and cool!
Some Pyrex and Tupperware.

The Pyrex Friendship Mixing Bowls ( missing one more I think?)

The red bowl was for Jell-O at my mom's.
Jell-O is also cool and vintage!  How old is that creation?

Something else was great to find at the yard sales and it's Tupperware.
That too was fun for my mom to collect.  Love these!

But there is still the find even small of a Milk Glass piece for me! 
Something to keep the fun going for I guess the vintage girl I have become.


So don't forgot to get out there and have fun too!
Summer goes by too fast.  Enjoy!


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Milk Glass: One size down ! One size up!

Summer is here!  And there is nowhere else to find me
than in my garden.  It seems like the blooming time is
much more in advance years after years.  Usually at this
time it is the peonies that are around for my mom's birthday.
But they are finished already for the last three weeks and
it was my mother's 76 summer yesterday! 
Now it is the roses that celebrated her day!

Last week-end was Quebec's St-Jean-Baptiste national day!
Every stores were closed so we went for a drive on the Ontario
side where I spotted a few yard sales!  Youppi!

There was on place where I would have like to buy the entire
display on the table.  So much depression glass, pink, blue...
I kept my hands in my pockets.... 

Excepted for the Milk Glass!

I have the bigger dish of this one.  So now one size down!

And I have the smaller compote of this one!  And yes!  One size up!

Enjoy the nice weather and your garden!


Friday, 25 May 2012

Other than Milkglass

Here is a quick look at what I purchased last week
at the town's garage sales long week-end treat!

I am sharing with you what caught my attention and
without any description... just for your eyes only!

But I couldn't leave these behind....

The rest of my spending went for my kids and some kitchen utilities well needed!

Hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Have a nice week-end!


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bought for 40....Sold for 40 !

That is what I call having fun and enjoying this precious time
with my kids!  Yesterday we went out on the search for treasures...
Depending who is talking because my treasures are not exactly
what they happened to be for my hubby and family...
But Hey!  I enjoy this better than buying a 24 of beers
or spending money for years on unlucky lottery tickets!
I think I deserved better and I find my happiness in little
things in life!  And here is one to share with you!

I host a yard sales today to make up for yesterday's spending!

Hope you are having a good time too!


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Quebec Pickers this Week-end!!

It's yard sales permitted long week-end in my area!!
I am going to do my own version of Canadian Pickers!
Should be fun and interesting to talk with people while picking.

Many municipalities are opening their streets and it is going
to be nice with the weather cooperating. Usually it goes all the way
to the border of the US.  There is also on the old highway 2
towards Toronto.  I don't think we will go that far but it should
be fun and pleasant! 

Hope to share some goodies with you soon!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fashion finds

I am on the lookout for anything that catches my eyes these days!
And lately it's been towards some fashion items that I found some
pleasure and knowing that I did a good deal too.

Like this little purse....the name tag : "Tignanello".
They are not cheap at all!  But I spend 1.00$ with
a copper book marker!  So 50 cents!  Not bad at all.

And this necklace.... at a thrift store... in a jewelry basket
on the counter for another dollar....
It's a Daisy Perfume necklace from Marc Jacobs!
Never used!  How cool is that!  I can be so lucky sometimes!

But it is with jewelry that I am having so much fun!
I collect vintage Avon or not so vintage also...
Like this ring.... Glamorous at my hours!

I am having such a good time with my treasure hunt!

Have a nice evening!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

What's up?

It is a little up and down for me lately.  So much to do and some times
I don't feel like doing nothing!  Go figured...
We went for a drive this afternoon. 
My hubby was hoping for some yard sales....Not today.

My little girl is turning 7 tomorrow!  I can't believe it.  So fast!
Grand-parents will be coming over for cake and coffee.
Monday I am going out for supper with my group from
my course on how to manage anxiety. 
Tuesday will be my last Tai Chi lessons! 
Wednesday I will be catching up homework with the kids.
And Thursday I will be back on the operating table
for a little surgery. 
Friday hoping to be home and resting.

And next week-end I will catch up on some serious
blog reading of my favorites blogs!

Until then,  take care!


Saturday, 7 April 2012

An April yard sales just for me!

When you questioned yourself about stopping or
keep going with your collection you get your answers
when you unexpectedly drive in front of the first
yard sales of the season!

I have been taking Tai Chi lessons since January and
I love it and it makes me feel so good. 
Here's a video cassette that my husband found for me!

But that is not the best part!  The collection's point of view!

A new piece for my Milk Glass collection!  Oh!  Yeah!
This girl is not over yet with collecting!

Have a nice Easter day tomorrow!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spring fever

Hi there!  It's been a while since my last posting. 
Spring is here and I can smell that the yard sale's season
is close by!  What about you? 

I know that thrifting is very good for some of you.
But don't you miss the real action on the field?
I think that what I like best is the interaction with
the people I meet.  Getting to know the story behind
their goodies but also their best memories.

What happened with Milk Glass this winter?
Rien, nada, niente, nothing! 
Kind of depressing don't you think?
I have visited some thrift stores but nothing.
And it is fine too.  What can I do?

Maybe it is time for the Passion of Milkglass, collecting
to turn the page and explore something else out there!
What is the trend these days? 
Maybe owls.  I have seen a lot of these instead.
The Pyrex empire is still at a high stage also.
How is the depression glass doing too?
I know I will come across some Milk Glass again....
But I am curious what is your interest or your passion these days?

Until then wishing you a Happy Easter time!



Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Irish blessings

I always like to celebrate the St-Patrick's Day with some music and
create a fun and happy ambiance to spread some joy around the house.

Must be that side of mine that resurfaced with some of my Scottish genes.
Close enough to party on that green day!

I got this tablecloth and napkins in a yard sale and the lady told me
that it has never been used and that she brought it back from Ireland
quit some time ago.


My Irish blessing to you!
Have a nice one on me!


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Going out for a beer memorabilia

I most be thinking of summer...  Going for a nice ride on the country side
and stopping by a few yard sales.
For sure that I missed the garage sale's season! 

And thinking of country rides, I can't forget that place we discovered
not so far from the American border.  A place that attracts quit a few
motorcycles riders.  But what I like about it, it's their vintage decor.

I have a little beer collection with glasses and trays, but no advertising signs.
This place is using them around the bar and dining room area
and it is like being transported in another time capsule.

Since then we make sure to make a little detour,
at the Rockburn Pub and Restaurant,
for a beer and french fries.
And also a Shirley Temple's drink for kids.

Ye Olde!


Monday, 16 January 2012

Pyrex for tadre

Hope you all had a good year's start and that you are enjoying winter.
You know, time goes by so fast. 

I am thinking of trading some Pyrex and this idea came from my dear Linda,
at " À la carte".  I would be willing to let go these beauty!
2 Pink Gooseberry Cinderella bowls item 447  1 1/2 pt and the 443  2 1/2 qt.

I would like to trade these with the Circus Federal Glass pattern :
the red and orange ones.
Or some vintage costume brooches, maybe some Sarah Coventry jewelry.
It could also be of course some Milk glass. 
I think it would be fun!   I know that the Pyrex lovers are abundant
and these bowls are in perfect condition. 

 If you would be interested,  let me know!

It's one way to keep the winter goodies's search alive during the freezing season!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

This is for you

If you have taken the time to stop by my blog, this is for you.
If you don't leave a comment, just a visit, it is for you too.
If you became a friend through the blogosphere, it is surely for you.

If I went by your place for a peek, it is for you.
If I didn't leave a comment, just a visit, it is for you.
If I became your friend and that you count a lot for me,
please take this a personal greeting card just for you!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!