Welcome in my Little Milk Glass World !

This is my little world, my collector's dream.

I just love Milkglass, even if they are not all vintage. The white mixed with the blue. I have been having a lot of fun going around yard sales, flea markets... I used to follow my parents as a kid, all over the city, and as an early bird to get the best of it!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

One last Milk Glass

Something fun first to share with you:
I have purchased a few weeks ago from Vonlipi's
the Orange Federal Circus bowl !  One more to go as
I am missing the Red one!  Thank you so much. 

She spend more one shipping that the actual cost.
It just happened to me too, I don't charge enough.
No fun there!

Here is my latest find for Milk Glass from a yard sales in September.

And for the not so fun news: 
I am writing my last post for my Passion of Milkglass, collecting.
The adventure was a lot of fun and getting to know and make friends was the best!
But time for me to move on and so I am keeping my blog open and comments also.
Maybe one day you will find me writing about something else... who knows?
Thank you everyone for being
there for me in the good and the bad times.
I will still visit your blogs and leave a trace. 
Take care!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

France I will miss you! I do understand that when it is time to move on we must do so. I'll still follow you on FaceBook! Love your bowls and that fan vase is gorgeous. Thanks for being such a good online friend.
Big Hugs,

De tout, de rien said...

I love that Federal Circus set, it's so cute!

I know blogging can be time consuming and we have some much going on in our lives, if it feels like a burden, then it's not fun anymore.

I will miss you on Blogland, but I will see you on Facebook, so it's not good-bye but au revoir!

KobysCache said...

Oh, so hard to part! Thank goodness for Facebook to keep in touch. I hope to return to blogging again once time permits and hope that you will as well. Continue to follow your passions! -Lydia

France Guérin said...

Thank you so much girls!
It's been really a pleasure to share my passion on blogland. And yes I can still share my goodies on Facebook!